Coding is a new kind of literacy

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Coding is a new kind of literacy

What is “coding”?

Coding is another word for computer programming. Coding is how humans communicate with computers. We write code to teach computers how to perform tasks and solve problems. Code is used to create video games, the apps on your phone, Facebook, and even this website. Coding can seem hard at first, but it’s no different than learning to play an instrument or a sport. Coding is for everyone, not only those who think they might want to have a job as a programmer some day.
As young children learn to code, they go beyond simply interacting with technology. They learn to use computers as a tool to solve problems and express themselves. Children learn problem-solving, logic thinking, and build on their math and language skills.
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Coding at Galaxy Kids Code Club

Our primary goal at Galaxy Kids Code Club is to develop computational thinkers – or the ability to follow a step-by-step process to solve a problem. Coders will become skilled at approaching any problem with a logical mindset. Skills that will aid them in every aspect of their lives and in any career they choose.
Some coders will go on to become our future leaders in the field of computer science, but that is not our end goal. Learning to code prepares kids for more than careers as computer programmers. Children have the natural ability to build, explore and create. Coding is a wonderful vehicle for exercising these skills. Once coders understand that they can “make things happen” on the computer, they feel empowered which builds self-confidence.
At Galaxy Kids Code Club young coders will learn to:
  • Code games, apps, story animations, and more
  • Building tech that makes the world better
  • Ask thoughtful, probing questions
  • Conceptualize and plan work
  • Work in a team and collaborate effectively
  • Use failures to learn and grow
  • Persist at a task
  • Translate ideas into a product

Most of all at Galaxy Kids we have fun bringing our imaginations to life through coding! Join us today!