Digital Design Maker's Lab

Open to ages 8-16
Digital Design Maker’s Lab introduces young makers to the world of digital creativity and 3D design. Students will learn how to use basic design applications and tools (such as Canva, Tinkercad, and Giphy) to create digital art, logos, graphics and use them to make tangible products. Designs can be used to make tee shirts, key chains, 3D printed items, paper circuits, jewelry, art pieces, shoe charms, animated art and more.
At Maker’s Lab students will learn fundamental design principles such as color theory, typography, and layout to create visually appealing designs. Makers will also learn how to transform their 2D art designs into 3D assets for printing. Designing requires critical thinking and problem solving skills to tackle different design challenges and concepts. Students are encouraged to unleash their creativity in a supportive environment, where they can learn, experiment, and grow as designers. With digital design skills, young learners can start developing skills and knowledge that they can use throughout their lives for personal use, school projects, and professional purposes.
Tentative Project Plan
Day 1:
Custom tee shirt
Day 2:
2D to 3D Design
Day 3:
Shoe charms and Jewelry
Day 4:
Make your own meme
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Example projects include 3D printed keychains, shoe charms, jewelry, custom tee shirts, logos, animations, trinket boxes, bubble wands, holiday ornaments, and more.


Single Day (flexible scheduling option)
Pre-registration is required. We are unable to accommodate same-day registrations at the studio.

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