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"Coding is Your Child’s Key to Unlocking the Future"

About Galaxy Kids

Galaxy Kids Code Club started like so many other grand ideas – at the kitchen table! My partner and I were eating dinner talking about this article in the Wall Street Journal, “Why Coding Is Your Child’s Key to Unlocking the Future“. This article addresses the lack of opportunities in schools for kids to learn how to code despite the growing amount of research that shows kids as young as 5 years old benefit from developing coding skills. I kept thinking to myself “this is a problem I can help to solve”.
After that, I began by teaching my own kids two days a week – yes, at the kitchen table. And they were soon begging to have “computer class” every night! I was amazed at how quickly even my 4-year old was picking up concepts I learned in college. Then, we started experimenting with how we could incorporate coding into other subjects including reading, writing, math, geometry, and physics. I started floating the idea of starting a coding club to other parents in my community and quickly learned that there was tremendous demand for this service. What started out as a small after-school program at one school has now blossomed into a full-blown program offering after-school classes and summer camps to families nationwide.

About the Founder

Lucretia has always been driven to “know more” and truly understand why and how things work. They knew from an early age that they wanted to be an engineer.
Lucretia gained exposure to computing at a very young age, copying type-in-programs written in BASIC out of their father’s computer magazines. Later, they went on to study engineering at Stanford University and ultimately earned a degree in Computer Systems Engineering. After a successful 16+ year career in various technical roles in the financial services industry, they felt compelled to work more closely in the community and do something that would have a far greater impact. Galaxy Kids Code Club was created out of a drive to both inspire and support all children, especially young girls and underrepresented minorities to pursue an education in computer science. Lucretia leverages their strong technical education and industry professional experience to bring a real-world perspective to their teaching.
Originally from Denver, Colorado, Lucretia currently lives in Antioch, CA with their partner and two children. They are a member of the Computer Science Teachers Association, California School-Age Consortium, and National After-School Association. Lucretia is also an active member of the community and serves on the Brentwood Chamber Board of Directors and as an advisor to the Antioch Youth Services and Recreational Services Committee.
Lucretia McCovy Shaw
Founder / CEO
On a mission to bridge the tech equity gap by ensuring equitable access to technology, promoting the use of technology to transform learning, and championing digital literacy education. I strive to build and support youth programs that encourage creative, hands-on learning through STEAM; promote diversity & inclusivity; and transform youth from consumers of technology into creators who solve real world problems.