LEGO Robotics Camp

LEGO + Coding Spring Break Camp

Take LEGO creations to the next level at Lego Robotics Camp. Create motor-powered masterpieces while using the latest in LEGO programmable technology. For instance, students will learn coding basics while making a lighted Minecraft minecart to explore dark caves; build a boat or aircraft to go on an adventure with their favorite Disney characters; or give their Pokemon super powers!
Participants will use the latest in programmable LEGO technology with Spike and BricQ Motion. Through the use of motors, programmable lights, color  sensors, and Bluetooth technology, coding and STEAM concepts are made accessible and meaningful to students because they integrate seamlessly with the LEGO bricks they are already familiar with. As a result, they experience a deeper understanding of science and technology. Most importantly, they will have fun and enjoy learning!
At the same time, students will develop an understanding of computer science. For example, they will create sequences and loops, decompose problems, and improve programs to meet specific needs. They will also investigate ways of accurately describing the decisions they’ve made when creating a program, carry out tests, as well as develop their ability to generate and debug multiple solutions.
Additionally, Lego Robotics Camp leaves time for campers to engage in creative free play as well as outdoor playtime. Because Galaxy Kids Code Club is conveniently located in Downtown Brentwood, we can take advantage of the Brentwood City Park for some teacher led-games as well as outdoor breaks.


For ages 5 - 10 years old

Spring Break 2024
Mar 25 - 26, 9:30 - 11:30 AM
Single-Day Camp
(pre-registration required)
$79 per day

opens June 5th

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