Private Coding Lessons

Private 1-on-1 Lessons

girl coding at home

Keep your kids engaged in learning

We are now offering 1-on-1 virtual coding classes for kids ages 6+. If you have been thinking of enrolling your kids in a coding class or just looking for something new to keep them busy and engaged at home, this is your opportunity!

Our private lessons are tailored to your student’s interest and skill level using Scratch, Python, HTML/CSS, or Javascript. Flexible scheduling options. Perfect for students who wish to advance their skills faster or just learn better in a 1-on-1 setting.

Private lessons are taught by an experienced coding instructor over Zoom video conferencing. Lessons are 45 minutes each. When you buy a lesson package you have the flexibility of scheduling those lessons in any way you like; once a week, daily, or a couple times a week. The more lessons you purchase, the more you save.

Available lesson times are generally 10 AM – 7 PM PT, Mon-Fri and 10 AM – 2 PM PT on Sat.


    Single lesson $59/lesson

    5-lessons: $265 (10% savings)**

    12-lessons: $599 (15% savings)

    36-lessons: $1699 (20% savings)

    ** We also have a 4-lesson package available for homeschoolers billing on a monthly cycle.


    Each lesson is 45-minutes via Zoom, individualized based on your student’s interests and skill level. Flexible scheduling options. Save by purchasing a package.

    Single Private Lesson, $59
    5-Lesson Package, $265


    12-Lesson Package, $599
    36-Lesson Package, $1699

    Need a computer?

    We have loaner computers! We will provide a sanitized Mac Book Pro laptop with all the needed software already installed. So if your child does not have access to a computer at home, or you prefer not to install additional software on your own computer, we can help! This offer is available for those in the Brentwood area. We will make arrangements for you to pick up the laptop via curbside pickup at our location in downtown Brentwood. Contact us for details.