Galaxy Kids Code Club Programs

Find the perfect class for your child

Galaxy Kids Code Club offers computer programming (coding), engineering, and technology education programs for children of all ages. Classes are appropriate for beginners, experienced coders, and everyone in between. We offer:

  • Year-round coding classes for ages 6-14
  • Jr Code Club for preschool/kindergarten
  • Classes for Homeschoolers and co-ops
  • Private on-site classes at your location
  • OpenLab / Maker-space
  • Summer Camps
  • School Filed Trips
  • Game Nights and Birthday Parties coming soon

Weekly Code Club

Our Code Club meets weekly all are year-round. Your child will make art, games, story animations, and more, all while learning core coding skills that will prepare them for success in a technology driven future. Young coders will begin with guided lessons and soon progress to designing and coding their very own creations, limited only by their imaginations!

Students attend class for 70 minutes once per week. We boast small class sizes and individualized learning. Open to ages 6-14. Homeschoolers also welcome. We are an approved vendor with most local charters.

Jr. Code Club

Jr Code Club sessions are 6-weeks long, offered throughout the year. Filled with fun activities geared towards helping kids explore their creativity and learning age-appropriate programming concepts. Many activities are “unplugged” (no screens). Coders will also code short programs with ScratchJr using an iPad.

Preschool is the best time to start building these fundamental skills. The younger a child is when exposed, the easier it is for them to learn and become fluent. Just like if they were learning a foreign language or musical instrument. Open to kids ages 3-6.

Coders Playground

Coders Playground is an open lab or maker-space where children explore and learn in a more open ended environment. Instructors are there to guide and help, but this is very much student led and less structured than our other programs. There are various tools and supplies that students are free to use to design, create and experiment. All activities reinforce the engineering design process and help kids build the core skills needed for coding. Students can drop-in in for some extra coding time or to try something new. It’s a great opportunity to work on collaborative projects with friends. Students will have many resources available to them including 3D pens, littleBits circuits, computer kits, robots, and more. Coders Playground is offered on select school breaks and holidays. Check the schedule and reserve time here. Open to ages 6-14.

On-site Classes

Coding classes come to you! We have taught at many schools, churches, co-ops, scout meetings, and community centers. We can leverage your technology or bring our equipment to your location. We have laptops, iPads, laptops, robots, and more. We will work with you to customize a curriculum to meet your needs. 

Contact us to talk about hosting a code club at your location!


We offer week-long camps and drop-in events during school breaks (summer, spring break, fall break, etc).

Check the schedule for current offerings.

Game Nights / Parties / Private Events

coming soon

Contact us for more info.