Technology Class

Due to state and county shelter-in-place orders, all classes are being held virtually until further notice.

Technology Class

Equip your child with critical 21st century skills

Galaxy Kids Technology class empowers students with critical 21st century skills. They will learn core technical skills as well as how to make smart choices with technology and stay safe online.

This is designed to be a year long curriculum, but each month is a separate unit and can be chosen a-la-carte. Each month will cover a different technical skill and focus on a different Digital Citizenship* topic. We will cover online safety, digital etiquette, cyber bullying, appropriate use, protecting your online reputation, social networking, plagiarism, copyright and fair use, how to conduct effective searches, how to evaluate sites for accuracy and bias, computer and internet history, typing, and of course coding!

Students will learn to use Google Apps to create class deliverables including Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms. Coding units will introduce students to different coding languages and platforms including Scratch (blocky language), HTML/CSS (used to build websites), and Javascript.

*based on Common Sense Media’s award winning Digital Citizenship curriculum

Course Objectives

Technical Skills
  • Practice and improve keyboarding skills 
  • Create original projects using Google Apps to create class deliverables including Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms
  • Learn core coding concepts using Scratch, HTML/CSS, and Javascript
Digital Citizenship Themes
  • Explain the rules of online safety and netiquette, cyber bullying, plagiarism, copyright and fair use
  • Discuss ways technology can be useful, how it can be misused, and the consequences of misuse
  • Learn how to manage and protect digital reputation
  • Learn to employ search terms to narrow down appropriate sites in research 
  • Assess the credibility of a website or information


September 2020
Word Processing
(Google Docs)
Digital Footprint
October 2020
(Google Slides)
Power of Words &
Nov/Dec 2020
Creative Credit & Copyright
January 2021
Spreadsheets (Google Sheets)
News & Media Literacy
February 2021
Coding (websites/HTML)
Privacy & Security
March 2021
Digital Art & Animation
Cyberbullying &
Digital Drama
April 2021
Media Balance
May 2021
(Google Forms)
Internet Safetey

Technology Unit

Digital Citizenship Topic


Class meets on Tuesdays for 1 hour at either 1:15 pm or 4:45 pm (pacific time). There are 4 classes per session.

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Session 3 (Nov-Dec)


Session 4 (Jan)
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Session 8 (May)